Amy Armstrong

The Voice of Angel; The Mouth of a Sailor.

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When you experience the ‘Diva of Song and Fun,’ you’ll be drawn in, entertained and uplifted. Armstrong’s incredible voice mesmerizes as she belts out fabulous tunes, injecting humor between each song. The comedy is always perfectly delivered and the singing is phenomenal. For a satisfying and magical live music experience, see Amy Armstrong’s shows

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Nacho Daddy

I can say without hesitation that Amy Armstrong is the funniest entertainer I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to decide which is stronger; her vocals or her comedy. It’s probably a tie because her singing is always amazing too. Amy has had a rough few years with some medical challenges which she has overcome with humor, grace and fortitude. There is no one more endearing, more talented or funnnier than the gal known for having ‘The Voice of Angel; The Mouth of a Sailor.’ Amy has found her Vallarta family at Nacho Daddy and the love is everywhere when she takes the stage and shares her comedy, her music and her story. Make sure to catch Amy’s shows on

Sunshine Cathedral Center for the Performing presents Music Heals with Amy Armstrong

Like so many other famous entertainers Amy Armstrong got her start at the legendary Gentry of Chicago.

She quickly rose to the top Cabernet circuit by adding a twist to create her own unique blend of song and quick humor for some added comedy relief. Creating her own niche that her followers adore , she became billed as a diva with the voice of an angel and the mouth of sailor performing worldwide.

You may know her as the Bacon Diva who had the voice of an angel and the mouth of a sailor.

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Amy's performance was the highlight of our trip. She had us laughing and singing along the whole time!
Amy is a true entertainer. Her voice is incredible and her comedy is side-splitting. We can't wait to see her again!


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